The Grodaeu Stockholm Walking Tours

Since traveling to exotic places and walking around is all the rage I decided to write a Stockholm walking tour guide. This walk goes from Stockholm Central Station to Tensta.

Stockholm Central (1) to Karlberg (2)

Exit the central station at the Kungsbron (Kings Bridge) exit. Turn right and cross a bridge. This will put you on Kungsholmen; the King’s island. This used to be where the King hunted. Now it’s where rich people live. Walk down a little stair to your right This puts you next to the water. Turn left, you will have apartments for rich people on your left and the water on your right. You will pass one of those sad, tiny inner city daycare yards and a lunchboat. After a while you can see Karlberg’s Palance across the water. Walk a bit further and by a black highrise you cross a little bridge over to the mainland.

Karlberg (2) to Bällsta bro (3)

Walk along the water. It is called Lake Ulvsunda (Lake Wolfstrait). No one knows why. Pass Pampas Marina where there are boats and a lunchplace. Next there is a 4H farm with goats and horses and stuff. After that there is a building with high fences and barbed wires and signs about security. This is Huvudsta Gård. They probably keep aliens in there or something. Next there is a tiny sad beach and a wooden bathing platform on your left. Later there is some sort of industrial area. As you continue the lake turns into a canal and the is a small bridge. There you turn right, away from the water.

Bällsta Bro (3) to Sundbyberg (4)

Almost immediately after turning away from the water you leave the quiet waterwalk and enter busy Sundbyberg. Technically it is not Stockholm but a different municipality (the most densely populated in all Sweden). Here there are restaurants are pubs and cafes and stuff. Take the left path where the road splits and pass the railroad tracks. Turn left on Järnvägsgatan (Railroad Street). It is called this since it runs next to the railroad. Imagine that. Walk until you see Ursviksgatan on your right. Turn onto it.

Sundbyberg (4) to Ursvik (5)

Follow Ursviksvägen.For a while you are still in Sundbyberg proper. Then there is a little lake on your right. Birds live there. After the lake you enter the strange wasteland around Hallonbergen (Raspberry Mountain). There is nothing there really. A house or two. An ugly little forest. It is strange more stuff isn’t built here. As you continue you pass below the highway (Enköpingsvägen) in confusing tunnels. The highway really cuts this area into two. Continuing (still on Ursviksvägen) you enter Ursvik. This is why the road is called Ursviksvägen. Because it goes to Ursvik. This is largely a newly built middle class area. They are still building lots of houses. Follow Ursviksvägen until it ends.

Ursvik (5) to Rinkeby (6)

Turn right on Milstensvägen. Walk perhaps 50 meters and then turn left on Marieborgsgatan. After a while you can see the highrises in Kista ahead to your right. The three tallest buildings in Stockholm are all here because you are not allowed to build them centrally. Straight ahead you see another highway and then Rinkeby. The tall black building is a new residential tower.  Here Ursvik is still being built, streching ever closer to Rinkeby and they are also building a walking path above the highway. Only a matter of time until Rinkeby is gentrified. Anyway. Walk straight ahead below the highway towards the black tower. To your left you have anothe highway and to your right the Järva natural reserve. Continue along the highway until you reach the black tower. Here the highway goes into a tunnel so you can turn left and walk above it. There is a pink statue of a fat grumpy looking man. When you pass it you are in Rinkeby.

Rinkeby (6) to Tensta (7)

You enter Rinkeby on Rinkebystråket. The main (only) restaurant/shopping street. After a while you can see the world famous Rinkeby square on your left. There is a Lidl and a kebab place on the square.  On the other side you can see the Rinkeby school. It is green. Turn right after the school. After a while you can see Spånga Kyrka, a beautiful 12th century church, straight ahead. When you arrive at the church you are in Tensta. Either walk around the cemetary or through if and continue straight ahead. After a little while you are on Tensta square. Inside the small shopping mall there is a pizzeria/pub where you can have a celebratory beer. Next to it is a metro station.

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