Monthly Archives: August 2016

My personal tech ecosystem

Inspired by this post I decided to share my personal tech ecosystem.

  1. Windows phone It’s like a normal phone except: It looks a bit different (big tiles instead of icons). It has 90% fewer apps. The apps it does have are often in Beta testing that never finishes. The big plus is that Twitter never updates so I have Twitter from 2011 with star faves.
  2. Tablet I don’t carry an iPad around (why the fuck would anyone do that?). I donated the tablet to the kids. Before doing so I tidied it up and filled it with nice, seemingly fun instructive educational games without ads. The kids have now removed all the educational games and filled it to the brim with awful princess games just to spite me.
  3. Laptop I have one of these with a touchscreen. I like it. It’s oddly satisfying to get it to do stuff by stabbing at the screen with your finger. When I was young touching computer screens was a big taboo. It runs Windows 10. What can I say? It’s better than Windows 8.

Lunch at Pepe’s

pepe_neroMost Fridays I have lunch at Pepe Nero on Kungsholmen. The procedure is simple, you go to the counter, choose one out of three items from a set menu and state if you want a beer or not.  Also there is pizza.To the metroliberals on Twitter, for whom lunch means having livery clad waiters bring you oysters and craft beer, it may seem primitive, but strangely enough it works.

Many different people come in here: construction workers, office workers, staff from nearby shops, retired people from the neighborhood. Even if not deliberately eavesdropping you often hear snippets of conversation; People talk about their kids, plans for the weekend, complain about their bosses, or sometimes simply gossip. As you can see this is quite different from the usual conversation on Twitter, which means…squat actually. It doesn’t mean anything or give me any kind of insight in these people’s lives.