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The Swedish no-go suburbs

There is a strange story being promoted, mainly by US racists but also reaching further, that there is a number of “no-go zones” in Sweden (another popular term is Muslim Ghetto). Since this comes up every now and then on Twitter I decided to share my experience with three of the places that often feature in the debate, Husby, Rinkeby and Tensta.



My grandmother moved to Husby from central Stockholm in 1975. To this house. She often told me it was marvelous with all sorts of modern facilities and a balcony from which you could see deer.







She died in 2007. She lies buried in this church, in nearby Tensta. I go there sometimes. I take the metro to Rinkeby, walk up to the church in Tensta and then walk across the fields to Husby from where I take the metro back.




My point with this is not to deny that there are social (and crime) problems in parts of Sweden, of course there are. Rather, I wanted to make three points. First, there are no “no-go” zones in Sweden. I know this since I actually go there. Second, it all looks reasonably nice, although obviously these are not rich areas.



Third, if you’re in Stockholm and have some time, you could just go there! There’s nothing to it. Take the blue metro line from the Center to Rinkeby, it takes 18 minutes. Walk a while in the direction of the metro and then turn right. You will end up in the Igelbäcken nature reserve. There are cows. In there you can either aim for the high rises in the Kista tech area or veer a bit to the  left and end up in Husby. There are metro stops in both areas