What’s it like to ski in various places

Inspired by this BI article.

Aspen, Colorado I know I’ve been there but I honestly can’t remember much. There were a lot of Americans. They made me ski on a snowboard which is awful because you fall down a lot. I think I had a purple ski suit.

Vemdalen, Sweden Cold. As hell. Also slopes bit dull. No avalanches though so you can go everywhere. Also nice cross country tracks. You can see reindeer if you’re lucky.

Chamonix, France Really high mountain (Mt Blanc?) which is nice. Avalanches though. You can stay in a French grey concrete tower block which is a bit of a turn on really. I think they even had bars and restaurants in the grey concrete tower blocks so you can spend a lot of time there. Assuming that’s your thing.

Badgastein, Austria Mountain similar to Chamonix although not as high. They do the jolly Tirolian thing which may be annoying or nice depending on your mood. Also people speak German which makes a lot more sense than French.

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