Top 34 Twitter accounts for random weird stuff

Methodology: I took all accounts that I follow that also follow me and saw if I could either remember a weird tweet or find one in less than two minutes. While this method certainly has flaws it’s really not much worse than any other for making lists. The order is just the order in my follows list.

Peter Spence @Pete_Spence
Tweets about weightlifting and brags about how fast he can brush his teeth. Don’t @ him.

The Thalesians  @thalesians
Burgers and deliberately? awful puns.

Ipek Ozkardeskaya  @IpekOzkardeskay
Opinions on the Davutoğlu dating service and her Draghi crush.

Merry Cynic  @MayfairCynic
Tweets about what’s on TV and the L’Oreal app.

Punter   @chigrl
Surprisingly passionate about rigcounts. Also owls and goblin’s blood.


CarstensPremium 2016   @adamcarstens
Twitter’s top source for Portland demographics.


Salim  @HighlySalassee
Tweeted this and stayed off Twitter four months. Am still impressed.


Natalia Holman  @Not_nutty
Rants and sex. Sometimes combined.

louise dickson  @louisecdickson
Actually 100% serious account but reports on country governed by random weird stuff.

Volatility Smile  @volatilitysmile
Randomly starts talking about sex regardless of subject.

Shane  @shaneferro
Steampunk. Bone broth. Has raced a helicopter on her bike.

Burnett Tabrum  @BTabrum
Ancient relic. Disney princesses. The chocholate fountains at the extravagant birthday parties of the 1%.

George Pearkes  @georgepearkes
Tweets about the importance of hydration. Impossible to annoy.

Colin Fitzgerald  @colin93f
Random Irish kid. Tweets about liquid breakfasts and plans to become ECB president.

Brenda Kelly  @Brenda_Kelly
Live tweets Christmas parties. Also about avoiding Holborn station and London tube gin drinking, not sure if related. Has strange Garth Brooks obsession.

Ken Veksler   @KenVeksler
Tweets about Crapenhagen and Norwegian Airlines.


Lady FOHF  @LadyFOHF
Prepper. Tweets about how tall she is. Also woodland creatures and size of people’s feet. Livetweets baking and packing.

Joseph Weisenthal  @TheStalwart
Once double-ordered breakfast AND WE STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED.

Anna H.  @drlangtry_girl
Book recommendations. wolf repellant bells. Plans to be supreme ruler of the UK.

RT   @RT_com
Previously Russian propaganda account. Recently it seems they have realized the ship is sinking and just sit around drinking and troll everyone including Putin.

Katie Martin  @katie_martin_fx
Invented the vomiting camel. Tweets advice on when to buy gold.

Duncan Weldon  @DuncanWeldon
Famous for binning an UNDERCOOKED turkey. Also remote controlled Star Wars toys.

Ken Tindell  @kentindell
Heroically fights the establishment by drinking alcohol in a small town in England.

Neville Hill  @NevilleHill

Duckrabbit   @Zettel314
Tweets about how many people have applied to follow his locked account. Also libel, Lewisham and croissants.


Frederik Ducrozet  @fwred
Saxony inflation

Karthik Sankaran  @RajaKorman
Explains current events by making analogies to the Habsburg empire.

Megan Murphy  @meganmurp
Tweets about Travel Marmite. Also Star Wars. Claims to have lived in a fish bowl when she worked at fast FT.

guan  @guan
Prominent member of “You know who else” Twitter. Wedding vows Twitter.

Kate Mackenzie   @kmac
Asks the tough questions about Australians that no one else dares ask.

Geneva Girl @SardonicaX
Hedgestock, Moomins, fashion and her adventures in the local coffee shop. Also frog skeletons.

Sander Wagner  @sanderwagner
Origin of the term “Sanderwagner” for deleting a tweet. For some reason picked a photo of a young Stalin as avi. Whatever you do, don’t ask him if one can assign a probability to a singular event.


Lorcan Roche Kelly  @LorcanRK
Volcanoes cows, tractors and trolling.

zatapatique  @zatapatique
Princess Bride. Speculates about what jet fuel can and cannot melt. #Volettwitter.

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