Things to know before moving to Sweden

1 There are no flats A policy of rent controls means your options in getting somewhere to live are:

  • Live in the forest
  • Illegally buy a rental contract on the black market
  • Buy an (expensive) flat / house
  • Get around on 3-6 month temporary second hand rental contracts
  • Have your employer fix it

2 There are no jobs Unemployment is currently 7.6%. If you don’t already have a job you will need to be a qualified nurse or construction engineer AND speak Swedish if you want to find a job easily

3 There are no people Doesn’t matter where you live. The Stockholm regions has a population density of 340/km2. England and The Netherlands both have 407.

4 There are no “no-go areas” Some ridiculous stories about how some areas are too dangerous to enter have been circulating. This is complete and utter nonsense and based on a report naming areas where “criminal gangs have a negative effect on the local community”.

5 There are no Swedish international furniture companies IKEA is a Dutch/Luxembourgian company. It is NOT Swedish

6 There are approximately as many privileged people whining, complaining and moaning as in other countries


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