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The Swedish political drama


Socialdemocrats (S): Biggest party. Fairly conservative moderate leftists, used to be in power a lot. Lately moved to the middle.

Moderates (M): A conservative moderately rightist party. Have lately moved to the middle.

Greens (MP): Leftist green party.

Left (V):  Anti EU leftists.

Liberals (FP): Used to be centrists. Confused and squeezed by S,M moving to the middle.

Center (C): Used to be farmers party. Reinvented selves as centrists due to lack of farmers. Now also confused by S,M moving to middle.

Christians (KD): Conservative moderate rightist party. Talks about old people. Sometimes also about god.

Sweden Democrats (SD): Started out as neonazis in the 90s. Kicked out the skinheads and the nazis and became a more normal anti immigrant anti EU party. Not obviously political right althogh they hate V and MP.

September 2010: M,FP,C and KD have ruled together 4 years as The Alliance. Gains by SD in the election means they have to form a minority government. They do this and manage to govern, although with some difficulty, for 4 years.

Act 1
September 2014: The Alliance lose the election, M leader resigns. There is no left majority though.

S, MP We will govern together, we will govern togeeether, but we need more support.

Looks at C,FP

S, MP Will you assist us? Look! We excluded V.

C,FP No! We will stay true to The Alliance!

V What about us! You cannot count on us.

S, MP We will throw you a bone, we will throw you a bone, a booooone, we will throw you a bone.

V Ok, we will vote for your budget.

Everyone thinks a weak right government will be replaced by a weak left government that will govern 4 years with some difficulty. However, things have changed regarding SD: They are bigger and bolder. In the previous government they would have to vote for a hated left budget to cause chaos, now they can vote for a slightly less hated right budget. Their leader is sick and more radical forces are in power.

Act 2

SD holds a press conference.

SD The immigrants, they are not like us. They are different! The immigrants. Look at Syria. The immigrants, the immigrants.

45 more minutes of this

SD The immigrants, the immigrants, the iiiimigrants! We will vote for the right budget, there will be chaos! You will have to make a deal with us, about the immigrants!

Act 3

SD is running around drunk on power. The Alliance is watching the chaos with ill concealed glee.

SD The immigrants, the immigrants, the immigrants.

The Alliance The left cannot govern, there is chaos!

SD The immigrants, the immigrants, the immigrants.

The Alliance The left cannot govern, we will not help them, they are useless.

SD The immigrants, the immigrants, the immigrants.

S FUCK THIS SHIT! We will have new elections.

Act 4

Chaos, everyone is running around in panic.

FP We will drop out of parliament.

KD We will drop out of parliament.

FP,KD We will drop out of parliament.

M We have no leader.

M,FP,KD,C We will make a deeeeaaaal!


S,MP,M,KD,C,FP strike a deal. The side that gets most votes govern. The losing side will lay down enough votes to prevent SD from repeating it’s stunt. The deal will last until 2022. The left gets to govern until 2018 (although with a right budget the first year). The right gets their budget for 2015 passed and will have a chance of a stable minority government 2018-2022.